You might have colored many Disney coloring pages as a kid, or you’ve simply watched Disney cartoon shows being raised, be it Cinderella or The Lion King, however do you know enough about the person who made all of this possible? Here are a couple unusual facts about Walt Disney.

1. Walt Disney became a member of the military right after leaving school

Walt was 16 years old during the First World War, he was refused from joining the army due to his young age, and alternatively got a position as an emergency vehicle driver with the Red Cross. He was selected to go to France, but ended up there too late, as he got there after the armistice agreement was signed.

2. Mortimer was the name at first decided on for Mickey Mouse

Mickey is most likely Disney’s most identifiable projects, to start with, the name Mortimer was selected for this cute personality, but Walt’s wife, Lillian revealed to him that Mortimer was too pompous and that the name Mickey could be a far better fit plus more suitable for promoting and marketing purposes. So gradually over time, the character Mortimer became Mickey’s rival in the episodes, Mortimer was typically wishing to win Minnie Mouse’s heart.

3. Walt was the voice behind Mickey Mouse

Walt was great at lots of things, along with being a company owner, producer, director and animator, he was a voice actor, at least in this instant. From 1928 to 1947, the voice of Mickey was none other than Walt’s himself. In the future this changed as Walt passed this task over to an English actor named Jimmy Macdonald. This didn’t stop Walt from playing Mickey one more time in 1955, just because he treasured this character much!

4. Walt desperately wished to put together a feature-length toon motion picture, yet nearly everybody called him crazy for thinking of doing it.

Primarily, the tale of Snow White was the main one Disney wanted to develop into a full-length animated motion picture. Nearly everybody in his corporation concluded it was a ridiculous and stupid risk, due to the fact hadn’t been done before, and were absolutely sure he would fail terribly. The thing is in mid-project, Walt ran out of money for Snow White, but finally managed to get more finances to back up his venture. Fortunately, his plan was an immediate success and gained over eight million dollars in earnings with its first release.

5. No, Walt Disney was by no means cryogenically frozen

Of all of the gossip in relation to Walt Disney, this particular one that claims he was frozen cryogenically after passing is probably the most popular one. The truth is Walt Disney’s body was cremated, and this gossip doesn’t have any place in reality. Cyogenically freezing people essentially started a couple of years after Walt’s passing, which is also verification that this story is false.

6. Walt adored his country, and its federal government

Walt Disney made it a point in his career to help the American government with his distinct capabilities, along with his attempting to battle with his army at the ripe age of Sixteen. He utilized his directing abilities for example to develop short films about the good things about paying taxes or made projects that were ant-Nazi during the war. In addition to producing short documentaries of space which were useful to NASA.


7. No human in history ever received as many academy awards as Walt Disney has received

As far as Academy Awards go, Disney was nominated fifty-nine times and won twenty-two times out of those! Naturally, this excludes prizes and honors created for him. These include his efforts to music in the animation industry, making Mickey Mouse and of course the Snow White feature film.

What a man, and what a career!

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