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Ben, the teenaged kid of King Beast and Queen Belle, welcomes the banished children of defeated villains to participate in a prep school with the heroes’ children. The movie stars characters such as Mal; the child of Maleficent, Carlos; the boy of Cruella de Vil, Jay; the kid of Jafar, Evie; the child of the Evil Queen and Snow White’s relative, Prince Ben; the boy of Queen Belle and King Beast, Princess Audrey; the child of Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip, Jane; the child of the Fairy Godmother, Doug; the kid of Dopey from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Prince Chad Charming; the child of Cinderella and Prince Charming, Lonnie; the child of Fa Mulan and Li Shang.

Every kid likes to draw, paint and color pages. Coloring pages are a lot of fun for kids because they have familiar characters or subjects on them that they associate with. Coloring a black and white page and bringing it to life with colors is very special to kids.

With descendants coloring pages, kids will utilize their creativity to select colors and decorate. Depending on age and skill, some will use a single color all over the paper; however, others will pay very close attention to stay within the lines to make the coloring page an artwork.

A significant benefit of coloring is that it enables you and your kid to spend some quality time together. Nevertheless, Coloring is relaxing and therapeutic for kids, as they can process their feelings, emotions, and disappointments through coloring.

Probably the easiest method to get a hold of pages for your children to color is to print them out from sites online. Many sites offer free downloadable coloring pages. Here at we took the time to collect all descendants coloring pages that you will ever need.

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