Minecraft Coloring Pages

Here is a great list of Minecraft coloring pages for kids to print and color. These Minecraft coloring pages are free and a lot of fun because they foster imagination in children and keep them busy at the same time. All kinds of pages can be found on our site. Take these coloring pages with you on long car trips and keep crayons so your kids can have something to do until you get to your destination. You might also like Lego Ninjago or Ninja Turtles coloring pages.


The Exciting World of Minecraft — A Treat for All

The simplistic scenery and pixelated display of the Minecraft world may cause some folks to pass this game off as a kids toy. But if you were to take a few moments away from the ‘adult’ perspective you will see this game was designed to engage all audiences with simple fun, engaging interaction even moments of absolute terror.

The game is played in the first person view, though the camera can be moved away it makes maneuvering about difficult. The world is made of bricks of all types from simple dirt and leaves to iron ore and glowstone. Each block has specific properties and capacities that can be used by the player to accomplish great feats.

In creative mode, the first of two game modes, the player is invincible and can fly across the world accessing every type of material in a convenient inventory system in order to construct anything conceivable.

This allows players to get pretty creative and some people have recorded their projects and processes and posted them online, and they are very impressive. From sprawling cities, towering castles Hogwarts School, The Great Wall of China, Battlestar Galactica or Ancient Rome the things that can be constructed are truly limitless.

Then there is the excitement and thrill of survival mode. In survival mode flying is not possible and the threat of falling of a cliff or even a high tree and dying is always present. Furthermore, you don’t have access to an extensive inventory, actually you only have access to whatever you can find to stave of the hunger and local mobs that will threaten to end your jaunt through mine craft.

Zombies, skeletons, enderman, ender dragon, mobs, herobrine and volatile creepers are lurking in the wild just waiting to end your life. But if you are cunning and creative you can find the means to survive the brute beasts and establish yourself in this strange land. Using the skills of hunting, farming, tool making and construction you can build a formidable stronghold from which to launch forays unlocking the mysteries of this realm.

There is also some interesting, non-threatening locals that inhabit small villages and can provide some help along your way. There are also horses, cows, sheep and chickens (or is it a duck?) that can provide you with other useful inventory.

Most people prefer the excitement and challenge of the survival mode, it provides a chance to create a personalized campaign of domination, engineering and progression as new objects are found and greater skills are acquired.

Then the every so often the developers release an update that adds new biomes creatures or objects that place a whole new spin on the game. Minecraft can also be played online, this is especially conducive to taking on harder tasks and more extensive construction projects.

Or you can play the game alone, which can be an exciting, engaging and also relaxing experience.

Now that you’ve been introduced to Minecraft World you can print some of your favorite Minecraft coloring pages from our collection and enjoy colouring them. Most kids enjoy coloring, and they enjoy coloring in new Minecraft colouring pages Steve and mutant zombie even more. So get your crayons ready and start coloring these printable pictures.