Lego Ninjago Coloring Pages

Feel free to download our Lego ninjago coloring pages and give them to your kids to color. Ninjago coloring pages are one of favorite categories because we love Japanese anime so much! Introduce your kids to the magical world of anime by giving them these fun ninjago pictures to color.


Lego’s Recipe For Success: A Closer Look At The Popularity Of These Building Blocks

The popularity of Lego building blocks has not waned over the years. The sets have evolved to keep up with the times, but what has not changed is the love that children and adults alike have for this toy. In 2010, for example, Lego sets sold exceptionally well at the holidays, making them one of the most coveted toys of the year. Because of this Lego coloring pages are one of the most popular coloring pages among kids. The information that follows will look more closely at how and why Lego has stayed in limelight and what we can expect to see from the company going forward.

For more than five decades, Lego has been making building blocks. The company, however, got their start in 1934 in Denmark. They began by creating wooden toys and soon moved on to plastic injection moulding, paving the way for other toy makers. In 1949, they came out with an “automatic binding brick” which was the beginning of the Lego blocks that we know and love today. In the 1960s, the company began releasing building sets and the Lego company soared in popularity. As time went on, Lego offered more items in their product line, including minifigures and themed sets. However, when computer games and other electronics came onto the scene in the late 80s, Lego saw a decline in their sales.

Lego did not stop, however. Even though they were not as profitable as before, they continued to brainstorm what they could do to regain some of their former glory. In 1999, they started using licensed themes, which was a huge success. They tried out the idea with Star Wars, and the products flew off the shelves. They now have sets that feature superheroes, princesses, dinosaurs, and more.

In addition, Lego has exercised its own creativity in coming up with the Ninjago (Cole, Jay, Kai, Lloyd, Zane, Nya, Sensei Wu, and Clancee) and Nexo Knights themes. Both have their own television series and have been very popular; the Nexo Knights line is newer, however, so sales are just starting to take off. Finally, the company does not just market to boys. They have a Lego Friends line that is quite popular among girls as well.

Now print out some Lego Ninjago, WU-CRU or Airjitzu coloring pages and start having fun.