Happy Mother’s Day: Mother’s Day Craft Ideas


Mother’s Day is getting closer, having your child make his own handmade Mother’s Day gift gives him a sense of pride and excitement, because he will get to present his mother with a gift that is truly from the heart.

But First, when’s Mother’s Day exactly?

The answer actually depends on where in the world you are! Yes, different parts of the world celebrate Mother’s Day on different months of the year!

For example, in Canada and the US, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the 2nd Sunday in May. Mother’s Day in those countries this year will be on 11th of May 2014

In the UK, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the 4th Sunday in Lent. So this year, Mother’s Day will be on the 30th of March 2014.

And in North Africa and the Middle-East, it is celebrated on the 21st of March.

In this post today, we will give you an easy kids’ craft idea for Mother’s Day. You can get all the material and help your kid create something beautiful and special for you to keep always, or if you are a teacher with young students, you can supervise and help them as they create this easy mother’s day craft to offer to their mommy later. The point is to create something colorful, memorable and to have fun in the process. 



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To make this easy Mother’s Day craft, you will need the following:


·         Fabric or paper

·         Buttons

·         Scissors

·         Pipe cleaners.

Please be extra careful with those scissors.


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How to make your Mother’s Day gift:


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And here’s your beautiful Mother’s Day flower bouquet!!






Let your mom know you love her with a card straight from your heart. Making a special Mother’s Day card to accompany the flower bouquet will give mothers another reason to smile on their special day. These cards can be dated, framed or simply placed on refrigerators.


Preschool Mother’s Day crafts:


The following pictures can be printed, and a name, a message or a childish Mother’s Day poem can be written on it and accompanied with flowers.

Or, the kids can simply choose a printable coloring sheet from our list of Mother’s Day coloring pages, color it, date and sign it and give it to their mothers to frame or hang. We would love to see any image you color from our list, or if you made a flower bouquet for your mommy, email us a picture here and we will add it to our gallery for everyone to see!!


alt="Mother's Day card"


alt="Mother's Day card"


Hope you enjoyed  our Mother’s Day craft idea! Have fun, and Happy Mother’s Day!!