My Little Pony Coloring Pages and Sheets

There is one thing that most children love and most parents dread, a snow day that keeps you from being able to go to school. The kids see this as a fun day off to do whatever they want, the parents on the other hand dread hearing the kids complain of boredom. There is a solution if you have young girls in your house: My Little Pony coloring pages.

Most children enjoy coloring, and they enjoy coloring in new “my little pony pages even more. These free printable my little pony coloring pages will teach your kids the value of friendship while keeping them entertained. One helpful tip is to print out some of my little pony coloring pages so that you can store them until you need them. The same also applies to crayons. Almost every child loves using new sharp crayons, so stash a few boxes of those as well. Crayons often go on sale at the beginning of the school year.

My little pony coloring pages include the most popular characters of My Little Pony: Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, AppleJack, Princess Celestia, Fluttershy and more. If you like My Little Pony coloring pages, you might enjoy Rainbow Brite Coloring Pages, Rainbow Dash Coloring Pages or Care Bears. Have fun!

How To Turn Your My Little Pony Coloring Pages Into A Coloring Book

My Little Pony is an enduring character, and a new generation of kids is finding My Little Pony coloring pages a fun way to pass the time. The beauty of printing your own coloring pages is having the control to choose the designs you want as well as the difficulty of the images. In fact, did you know that you can make your own coloring book? There are minimal supplies needed to get started but the results provide hours of fun and help kids and adults alike develop their motor skills.

How To Get Started

The first steps are among the planning stages of creating your coloring book. You should decide on a size for the book. It’s advisable, however, to opt for standard-sized paper as it is the size most kids are accustomed to coloring on and your printer uses as well. For children, it does help to print coloring pages on lightweight cardstock versus copy paper as it withstands rough handling.

How many pages will the book have? As a rule of thumb, young children have short attention spans, therefore, the fewer the pages, the better. It may also help to bind your coloring pages based on a theme. In this exercise, you’ll start with My Little Pony coloring pages, but you can choose to create books with other characters such as Deadpool, Sing or Pusheen.

Once you have a basic idea of what you want your coloring book to look like, it’s time to print the pages and prepare for binding!

Quick Printing Tips

-Laser printers are the best option as they dry the ink right out of the printer. However, if printing using inkjet, make sure you let the pages dry half an hour each.

-Do check to make sure your pages are all the same orientation. Nothing takes the fun out of any book like mismatched pages i.e. first horizontal, then vertical.

-Before printing from your computer, ensure that the coloring image fits on your page as intended. You can end up wasting ink and paper if you don’t employ the preview option.

Getting Ready For The Final Binding

Before binding your pages together, lay them out on a flat surface. This allows you to organize them in the order you wish to bind the pages. You can use a blank sheet of paper or cardstock for the front and back of your My Little Pony coloring pages. However, you can also print a personalized name on the front or use scrapbooking paper to add interest.

The easiest way to bind your pages together is by using a stapler down the side. It is a sturdy binding option, but if you’re scared of your child getting hurt by the back of the staples, consider gluing a decorative strip of paper down the side of the book for protection.

Some people may wish to avoid using staples altogether, which is why glue is also a great option. Start the glue binding process by laying down a thin strip of glue along the side of the back cover. Repeat this process for the pages that follow. Make sure to aid the glue in drying by pressing down with your fingers and laying a heavy book on top after.

Creating your own coloring book from My Little Pony coloring pages is easy and fun! You have the ability to customize the pages to the specifications of the person coloring and you can resize if necessary. Plus, coloring books that are themed are often expensive and don’t contain the images that appeal to you or your kids. Lastly, if given the chance, do try to find high-resolution coloring pages!

My Little Pony Coloring Page:

All You Need To Know About My Little Pony

My Little Pony is a franchise, which was created by Hasbro and is primarily marketed towards girls. Lauren Faust developed “My Little Pony” Friendship Is Magic” and it’s based on the line of toys created by Hasbro. Many people consider it to be G4, or the fourth generation, of the My Little Pony franchise, which is wildly popular with kids around the world.

The show features Twilight Sparkle, which is a unicorn pony, and Princess Celestia, who rules Equestria, a magical land. In the series, Twilight Sparkle accompanied by Spike, a baby dragon, embarks on a journey to Ponyville to complete tasks provided by Princess Celestia to learn more about friendship.

Eventually Twilight becomes friends with other ponies by the names of Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and Fluttershy. Each pony represents different aspects of friendships, and Twilight starts to become an essential part of the Elements of Harmony, which are magical artifacts. The group embarks on adventures, and they help others across the land. They also work on issues that occur in their friendships.

If you’re not familiar with My Little Pony, then there are three main types of ponies. The first type is the earth ponies. These are regular ponies. These ponies are known for tending to crops, and they are very close to nature, but they do not have horns or wings. Regular ponies also perform a lot of manual labor.

Pegasi ponies: these ponies have wings and can walk on clouds and fly. They also usually tend to the weather. Finally, the Unicorns: Unicorns have horns and possess magical abilities, and many of them use telekinesis, but others choose to use other types of magic.

Aside from the three kinds, Princess Luna, Princess Celestia, Princess Cadance and Twilight possess Pegasus wings. So does Flurry Heart. They also have a unicorn horn. On the show, they are called Alicorns.

Main Antagonists

The show so far has had a number of antagonists. Mainly five of them:

1. Nightmare Moon

She is the main antagonist in the premiere of season one MLP Friendship is Magic. She’s Princess Luna controlled by the resentment she feels over the other ponies. She is jealous of Princess Celestia, her older sister because she is loved by their subjects for bringing forth the sun and day. Twilight Sparkle defeats Nightmare Moon, and Luna is eventually restored to her old self.

2. Discord

In season two, the main antagonist is Discord, who is Disharmony’s spirit and he causes a lot of havoc throughout Ponyville and Canterlot. He corrupts good ponies, who end up acting the opposition of the elements they represent. Once the ponies have become de-corrupted, they use Elements of Harmony to turn him into stone.

However, the main characters release him at the request of Princess Celestia, and Flutterfly reforms him. In season four, his past action bothers the Everfree Forest. The actions referred to was Discord’s actions before he was banished the first time.

3. Queen Chrysalis

In season two, the finale, she is the main antagonist. She’s the queen of the changelings. Shining Armor and Cadance defeat the queen together. They do so via the power of their love.

4. King Sombra

He appears in season three premiere as the main antagonist. He tries to enslave the Crystal Empire, but Spike, the Crystal Ponies, and Princess Cadance defeat him. The evil unicorn is defeated via Crystal Heart’s power.

5. Lord Tirel

He appears in season four finale as the main antagonist, and he and his brother Scorpan has the intention of stealing unicorn magic. However, Scorpan becomes friends with the ponies, who learn about Tirek’s plans and ask him to back down. He does and eventually he is banished for his crimes, but he escapes and starts stealing magic.

Eventually, he gains too much strength and he steals Alicorn’s magic, as well as Earth and Pegasus’ magic. Twilight comes to the rescue and defeats Tirek. She does this by receiving rainbow magic after she unlocks the chest.

6. Starlight Glimmer

Glimmer is a unicorn. She is in charge of a town. The town is home to where ponies have cutie marks.

My Little Pony Main Characters

From left to right: Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Fluttershy, Spike, and Applejack.

MLP has eight main characters. Some of them were previously discussed. Here is a list of the main characters:

1. Twilight Sparkle

She is the main protagonist, and she is an original pony that has a light violet body. Her mane is indigo and her tail features purple and pink streaks. She studies a lot, and her magic ability is exceptional. She reigns as a princess of Equestria, and she represents magic.

2. Applejack

She is an Earth pony that has an orange body, and her mane and tail are blonde. She is strong and athletic, and she is dependable, as well as down to earth. She is known for helping anyone who has any problems.

She is from a large family that all have names that relate to apples. Her family is also involved in the apple business, such as farms and orchards. She represents honesty.

3. Rainbow Dash

She has a blue body and a mixed-color mane and tail. She’s bold and very brave, but she is also mischievous at times. She can clear a sky of clouds, and she is very fast.

She can use her abilities to control the weather. The element her spirit represents is loyalty. She is also very athletic.

4. Pinkie Pie

She’s also an earth pony, and her mane and tail are magenta. Her demeanor is funny, and she loves to talk, and she loves playing pranks. Laughter is the element her spirit represents.

5. Fluttershy

She has a yellow body, a pink mane, and a pink tail. She’s quiet and shy, but her love for animals is enormous. Kindness is what her spirit represents.

6. Rarity

She has a purple mane and tail, while her body is white. She loves fashion, and she’s stylish. The element she represents is generosity.

7. Spike

He is the assistant and friend of Twilight, and he is a dragon. He has a crush on Rarity and prefers to not spend as much time with his own kind. Instead, he enjoys spending time with the other ponies.

Other characters include Apple Bloom, who is the younger sibling of Applejack. Sweetie Bell is the younger sister of Rarity. There is also Scootaloo, who is a Pegasus filly.

The Premise

This show takes place in a fictional land known as Equestria, which happens to be ruled by two sisters who are alicorn ponies, one being Twilight’s teacher named Princess Celestia and the other being the younger Princess Luna. There is another alicorn by the name of Princess Cadance that is introduced within the second season who oversees the Crystal Empire of the North with Shining Armor, who is the older brother of Twilight, who later weds her. This is a region that is populated by a wide variety of ponies, to include variants of both the unicorn and Pegasus, along with both sentient and non-sentient creatures.

In the opening episodes of the show, Twilight Sparkle is the central character. This is a unicorn pony that was sent by Princess Celestia, the ruler of Equestria and her mentor. She was sent to Ponyville to study friendship magic, but she is not a fan of this assignment. She is much more concerned with the appearance of Nightmare Moon. Once Nightmare Moon shows up and vows everlasting night and leading Celestia to disappear, Twilight heads off with five other ponies by the names of Fluttershy, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rarity and Rainbow Dash, as they all work to defeat Nightmare Moon and to obtain the Elements of Harmony.

Before Twilight can activate these elements, Nightmare Moon comes again and shatters them. With a flash of inspiration, Twilight believes that each of her friends actually represents the different Elements of Harmony, to include Loyalty, Honesty, Generosity, Laughter, and Kindness. She believes that she is the final piece, Magic. This magical power from the friendship that the ponies have brings Nightmare Moon back to a repentant Princess Luna. Once again, Celestia appears and reunites with sister Princess Luna, decreeing that Twilight must stay in Ponyville to keep on studying friendship magic. This comes as a delight to Twilight and all of her new friends.

Other Characters

Apple Bloom

Color: Yellow

Apple Bloom is known as the filly earth pony that has a yellow body with orange eyes and red mane and tail. She has a large pink bow and is the younger sister of Applejack and Big McIntosh. She is part of the Apple Pony Family and she worries about being one of the very last ponies in her class that does not have a cutie mark. This makes her feel like somewhat of an outcast until she moves on and meets others who have blank flanks and she befriends them. Now you can choose your favorite Apple Bloom coloring page from our collection and start coloring.

Apple Spice

Color: Yellow

This is one of the students of Twinkle Twirl, and she owns an apple orchard that is located on Butterfly Island. She is usually the cause of comic relief that you will find in about 2,000 animated specials, always bumping into Bow Tie from her clumsy nature. Print Apple Spice coloring page from My Little Pony coloring pages above.

Babs Seed

Color: Dark Brown

Babs Seed is the cousin of Applejack and Apple Bloom from Manhattan. She is introduced during the third season of the television series and she comes in through Ponyville train station. This is where Apple Bloom introduces her to the Cutie Mark Crusaders, who show her the giant pumpkin float set for the Float Parade and the clubhouse.

Big McIntosh

Color: Red

This is Applejack’s and Apple Bloom’s older brother, and he is a member of the Apple Pony Family. You will see him wearing a hitching collar while also chowing down on a stalk of wheat. His nature is easy going and calm, which is a stark contrast to his sister Applejack, who is energetic and stubborn.


Color: Yellow

This is another member of Apple Pony Family, wearing a brown cowboy hat and a vest.


Color: Honey Orange

This is an earth pony known for making sweets, including jelly beans, fudge, and taffy that is rainbow colored.


Color: Light Amber

He is a background pony that appears in Friendship Is Magic. Caramel is forgetful, often losing things like the grass seed for the Winter Wrap Up. His goofy nature frustrates Applejack and easily adds to the work that gets backlogged in the special.


Color: Lilac

She was a unicorn in the Crystal Princess: Runaway Rainbow. She was the teacher and adviser for Rarity, and she was in charge of the first rainbow of the season with Rarity, Whistle Wishes, and Brights Brightly until Rarity disappeared and they had to look outside of Unicornia for her.

Coco Pommel

Color: Light Tan

Coco is a Manhattan citizen, initially assistant to Suri Polomare, who is known to trick ponies using lies. Later on, Coco comes to see Rarity and friends at the theater, giving her prizes and gifts, including a spool of rainbow thread and a golden trophy.

Countess Coloratura

Color: Light Blue

Real name Rara, this is Applejack’s old friend. Rara and Applejack first met when they were just fillies at camp. She then changed her style to become a pop singer that has been pampered by Svengallop, her manager.


Color: White

This is the hair stylist of Ponyville, running the Twist N Style Petal Parlor. She is known for cleanliness and has a difficult time seeing without her glasses. She is great when it comes to styling, even being able to fix up Spike.

Diamond Tiara

Color: Light Magenta

This is an earth pony that has a light magenta body and azure blue eyes with lilac mane and tale, including a white streak. As a school student, she is a bully just like Silver Spoon who tends to call ponies blank flanks if they do not have cutie marks. This is a pony that is known for a snooty personality, enjoying the idea of belittling others around her.

Filthy Rich

Color: Amber

This is an earth pony and also the father of Diamond Tiara. He comes in through the Family Appreciation Day episode. He has a name that is based on the idea of being filthy rich or someone who is extremely wealthy.

Goldie Delicious

Color: Goldenrod

This is a relative of Applejack who lives in an older cabin. She has a lot of cats as her pets, along with plenty of family heirlooms that she has kept for years.

Maud Pie

Color: Gray

This is Pinkie Pie’s sister, who first comes out as a filly that is featured in a picture in the Pinkie Pride episode. She then appears physically in an episode that is named after her as a more mature pony that has on a blue dress and a black belt. She is not quite as excited as Pinkie tends to be, but they are similar at heart.

Ms. Harshwhinny

Color: Brown

This is a middle-aged mare living in Equestria. They know her for her harsh outside, but she is a softy on the inside.

Ms. Peachbottom

Color: Gold

This is a pony who has speckles on her face, and she has come into the Crystal Empire while being welcomed by Twilight Sparkle and friends. All of her friends are there to entertain her, without Rarity who is hard at work manicuring Twilight, Princess Cadance, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash and Applejack. They perform the cheer of Crystal Empire to near perfection. Ms. Peachbottom is amused, but she gets dizzy by looking up, causing her to exercise her legs with a gallop.


Color: White

A party planner, she works to distract Pinkie Pie with a scavenger hunt. Puzzlement loves solving puzzles.

The Mane-iac

Color: Pink

This is the villainess of the comic series. An accident caused her fall into a vat that left with sick behavior and the need to steel magic to use against others.

Tree Hugger

Color: Green

This is the peace guru of Equestria, met by Fluttershy before Discord appears.


Color: Red

A student of Twinkle Twirl, she is an earth pony that makes cookies and hot cocoa. She appears in the dance in Friendship Ball.

The Crystal Ponies

These are ponies that live in Crystal Empire with highly different expressions than the others. They lose their memories and shine when made, but regain it all when they are happy.