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Here at ColoringPages4Kids.com we’re providing you with a complimentary collection of pusheen coloring pages. Apart from that they also let kids to reveal their innovation through the usage of colors. There are a lot of methods which you can offer your kids the printable pusheen coloring pages. You can either take particular coloring sheets or you can arrange together related coloring sheets so that they form a story.

Among the additional benefits about these totally free printable pusheen coloring pages for little ones is that they are available on a mixture of topics. You have a variety of photos to choose from. Little ones simply really like animes, so much better way to occupy them than to get coloring sheets of their preferred cartoon characters. Business like Disney and Pixar are taking advantage of this advantage to promote their animation characters amongst kids.

5 Ways To Advance Your Crayon Technique With Pusheen Coloring Pages

Pusheen is the perfect Kawaii character that entrances the young and old alike with its anthropomorphic charm. Though reminiscent of Japanese cartoons, its name is actually derived from the Irish word ‘puisin’ meaning kitty. Coloring pages are the latest trends and they help develop artistic talent and provide a way to relax your mind.

When considering the different coloring mediums available, most people automatically discount crayons as something for toddlers. Surprisingly enough, you’ll soon discover that there’s more than meets the eye in regards to crayons. The next time you print cute Pusheen coloring pages for yourself or your kids, here are some crayon coloring tips to enhance your skills:

1. Be Consistent In Your Direction

Crayons are the most unforgiving in that their texture shows through if you’re not coloring in a consistent direction. Inconsistency is what makes a colored page look juvenile or even sloppy. Aim to color in the same direction and resist the urge to change directions when you hit a hard curve or small feature. The best way to counteract these problems is to color in a curved arc or use small circles to even out the texture of the crayon.

Tip: Pusheen is a portly character, therefore, you need to carefully color larger areas that serve as a focal point.

2. It’s Okay To Color Outside The Lines (Sometimes)

Young children especially have trouble coloring inside the lines, and it can be detrimental to someone’s psyche when they’re a perfectionist. Instead of attempting to correct this at a young age, it’s okay to color in long strokes that go outside the lines. The simplicity of many Pusheen coloring pages allow the character to get cut out of the page and mounted on cardstock or decorative paper.

3. Always Use Consistent Pressure

Crayons and colored pencils are alike in that they require consistent pressure in order to create a uniform look. With crayons, you have the issue that they glide fairly smooth but have a lot of wax. You may have pushed hard with a crayon before and remember the waxy residue and buildup that it leaves behind. Plus, pushing too hard with a crayon can tire your hands quickly!

Tip: Try applying less pressure when coloring Pusheen and go back over an area once or twice to darken the color. It seems that especially young kids have trouble understanding how much pressure they’re applying to the paper, but it’s a good habit to develop consistency.

4. Create Emphasis With Pressure

Unlike their pencil cousins, crayons aren’t easy to shade with. Many people have a great deal of trouble achieving a uniform look with just the right highlights. The one way you can achieve this with Pusheen coloring pages is to trace certain features by pressing harder with the crayon. When the proper highlights are achieved, you can continue coloring the rest of Pusheen’s body with consistent pressure.

Tip: Pusheen is a tabby cat, so when the tabby lines are present, use pressure to outline the stripes and color them in without pressing too hard on the crayon.

5. Create A Blended Look

Crayons can get blended by choosing two colors that complement each other. For example, a darker gray and white or orange and yellow can blend together seamlessly. Additionally, downloading a color wheel can also help you blend colors that are more realistic or closer to the hue you wish to achieve.

Pusheen is recognized worldwide as one of the cutest and most heartwarming Kawaii characters to date. There are many Pusheen coloring pages you can find online to hone your artistic talents and help you create unique wall art. Crayons are often discounted and ignored, but they are one of the most versatile coloring mediums if given the chance!

Print your favorite Pusheen coloring pages, get some crayons and start having a terrific time. Don’t forget to examine our other complimentary printable coloring pages and sheet we have.

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