Good stimulation in play and education are key to positive early child development. Using intellectual and sensory stimulation that employs the senses helps enrich your child’s daily life while promoting positive growth. There are many practical activities you can pursue to provide children with a full, rich play and educational experience every day. Read on to learn more.

What You Need To Know About The Five Senses And Early Child Development


Many educators subscribe to the theory of multiple intelligences. Parents who wish to help their children attain optimum development are encouraged to employ play time and games that engage the senses. For stimulation of the sense of touch, toys and educational materials should provide different textures, temperatures, sizes and shapes. Small amounts of different types of food should be presented at snack and meal time to develop the sense of taste. Colors, flashing lights, moving images and so on stimulate the sense of sight. A play room that is well equipped with tumbling mats, swings and other moving play equipment provides opportunities for physical development.

Audio stimulation is a very important component of early childhood development. In addition to providing children with musical instruments, noise makers and other sound making devices, be sure to play a wide variety of music and take your child into nature to enjoy and learn about natural sounds.

Select music with care. You can measurably boost your child’s brain power by choosing classical music selections. Those composed by Mozart are especially good for helping to open and develop the pathways that lead to the ability to think logically.

Smooth jazz and new age type music, along with recordings of natural sounds are excellent for promoting relaxation and calm at the end of an active day.

Of course, it is easy to combine the stimulation of the senses by selecting the right types of toys and activities. For example, a jam session with colorful maracas, pots and pans, whistles and whatnot connects with the senses of sight, sound and touch and provides stimulating physical activity. A walk in nature provides physical activity and stimulation for the senses of sight and smell. Opportunities to touch tree bark, rocks, plants and the many and varied wonders of nature abound.

Sensory Stimulation Enhances Brain Function And Overall Coordination

Stimulating the five senses is an excellent basis for promoting both sensory development and intellectual development in babies and children of all ages. When children are interested, active and fully engaged, the brain develops more quickly and more extensively. Little ones who have a stimulating play environment during early child development have been proven to have a definite developmental advantage when they enter preschool. Additionally, children who have had the opportunity to develop the five senses early on seem to have an easier time socially than those who have had a less stimulating upbringing. Clinical studies indicate that attention to the stimulation of the senses early in a child’s life leads to better overall adjustment throughout life.